For those who go unnoticed... May all your greatness be discovered

I, like many others, declared that I was NEVER moving back to my hometown after leaving. The summer after graduating college, I moved back home, but was gone before the season was over.

The next time I moved back home--after being away for a few years--I came back with new eyes. I saw things completely different. Maybe, it was because I was now a mom. I started to slowly notice hidden gems. Right here in the place that I tried so desperately to get away from.

I saw leaders and groups actively involved in impacting the lives of our youth.

Groups planning events that provided activities for families and fun with friends.

Organizations participating in the growth and development of our community.

Restaurants with some of the best food in Eastern North Carolina.

And many small businesses offering quality services.

With all these treasures in such a small area, it still seemed as though many of them were unheard of.

Great deeds going unrecognized.

Interesting places hardly seen.

...And people traveling to other places for services they didn't know they could get right in their own "backyard."

The idea of New Freedom Hill came about with the aim to find and highlight all of the hidden gems.

Our vision is to create visuals and experiences that will enhance the impact of businesses, organizations, and leaders. We hope to inspire growth, development, and unity within historically underrepresented communities.

We hope to work with many more mission and passion driven people and organizations in the future.

Inspiration. Knowledge. Collaboration.

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