Digital Media and Journalism

A course offering students the opportunity to gain skills in the field of Digital Media and use them to effectively tell compelling stories.

Different skill that will be taught during this class include: Audio/Video Production, News Writing, Reporting & Interviewing, Ethics, and Public Speaking.


Students will:

  • Be able to tell compelling stories through the use of Digital Media

  • Develop confidence in speaking and presenting

  • Learn to work as a team to complete a project

  • Use media to bring awareness to community related topics

  • Be able to plan, setup, and produce news segments

  • Be able to effectively research and write a news story

  • Be able to conduct an interview

Students will be able to understand and apply the concepts used to create:

  • Digital photographs (such as techniques, aesthetics, lighting, types of lenses, equipment setup/usage, editing)

  • Digital images ready for print or screen (such as color theory, elements and principles of design, typography, and editing)

  • Digital video (such as storyboarding, shot framing, audio, lighting, equipment setup/usage, editing)

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